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2012 sample《The most beautiful binding cloth》
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name:Sakura book cloth introduction

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Sakura book binding cloth

Size: 1.37m*100m/roll,   Weight: 32kg/roll,   Volume: 20cm*20cm*140cm/roll
1500m-5000m/color in stock,50 colors
Made-To-Order color available,Delivery after 12 days.
Price: 2.9-4.0 USD/meter
The Sakura book binding cloth is made of 100% natural fibers and meets the highest industry standard. We are the unique one in China which supply the equal book binding cloth with global famous book cloth producers quality
1. Environmental Sustainability: Sustainable raw material, use of water-based colorants and 100% recyclable.Our products have passed the SGS & REACH test on non-harmful and restricted substances & passed EN71 Part 3 , ASTM F963 11 , ISO 8124 Part3 , Phthalate(s) ,content , Formaldehyde content and the SGS colour fastness test too.
2. Finishing: The super smooth surface,no hairness,no yarn knot.
3. Color:  50 standand colors . 2000-5000 meters /color in stock.Made-To-Order Color available, please contact for details.
4. Properties: The high folding, tensile and tear resistant properties of Sakura add longevity, durability and smoothness to the natural feel of the cotton.
5. Decorating Options: Foil stamping, offset printing, screen printing, die-cutting and so on.
Perfect for binders and portfolios, book covers, dvd/cd packaging, menu covers, presentation folders, hospitality products, fragrance and beauty packaging, liquor packaging, jewelry and luxury packaging, display and point of purchase, and so on.
6. Technology Parameters:220gsm,Warp: 21’s,Weft:21’s,Density: 63X56,Backing paper: 60gsm.
Features is similar with Brillianta,BN savanna,setalux,cialux,tasimania,saifu,vision book bingding cloth,etc.
Sakura book cloth櫻花書面布 ——100%新概念
2、100%好用: “布”面密實,可以像紙張一樣容易進行四色印刷;是最容易燙金的裝幀布之一;凹凸的效果,邊緣整齊、涇渭分明;還可以進行絲印、貼片、激光燒切、刺繡等加工處理。

1、The following form is our comparative advantages than common cloth.

Performance index
Sakura book cloth
Common cotton bookcloth
100% entire craft entire mercerization, smooth surface ,clean, beautiful, lint-free , no yarn and knot, special pulp post-processing and comfortable feel.
Superficial bristling, many uneven  yarns and knots, looks low-end and owns uncomporfortable fee.
100% highly fine spun     cotton, environmental protection and color, stable color fastness, can pass the illumination experiment.
Cotton for industrial use, color pigment is not environmental  and can not pass the iillumination test and color fastness experiment.
Hot stamping
Generally the common and good gilt paper are very easy to burn.The stamping effect : The edge is neat,the bottom is smooth,distinguishing from each other.
Need to use the special bronzed paper.Sometimes the printing factories have to look for material everywhere because of the hot stamping problems
Cutting Edge
The cutting edge is neat and will not bristle,no need to make cutting edge when making the book cover
The cutting edge is easy to lose knots, thus it must handle cutting edge when making the book cover
Offset Printing
Can  make offset printing just like a paper
Unable to make offset priting, the printing result is bad
Bump performance
 The outstanding bump performance,the edge is neat,the bottom is smooth,distinguishing from each other.
 The bump effect is ordinary,the edge is not neat,and bottom is not smooth enough
Oxidation Resistance Performance
After giving color to cotton material,undergoeing special pulp processing, it has blocked the direct contact between the textile fiber ingredient and the air. The products can stock more than 100 years and keep new all the time. 
The bristling phenomenon will sharpen, caused by oxidization, after three months. The oxidazation means the rotton process of the cloth. Then the cloth will be more ugly, let along storage.
Environmental Protection
European Reach test and American SGS test
Can’t pass Reach and the SGS test.
With 1.37 meters width,20% cheaper than European and American products, importantly, we have goods in stock and ordering materials and colors are both convenient.
Usually with just 1.08 meters widths, but the price is not cheap at all.
2、 the SGS test report & the REACH test report ↓ 
Our products have passed the SGS & REACH test on non-harmful and restricted substances & passed EN71 Part 3 , ASTM F963 11 , ISO 8124 Part3 , Phthalate(s) ,content , Formaldehyde content and the SGS colour fastness test too.

3、surface——no hairness,no yarn knot. ↓

4、Foil stamping  燙金效果——容易燙,邊緣整齊、底部平坦、涇渭分明↓

5、Stamping 凹凸效果——邊緣整齊、底部平坦、涇渭分明↓


6、Four colors offset printing with sakura book cloth 4001#,white


7、Screen printing

8、 Paste SMD

9、1937 year 日本愛知大學 出版 《中日大辭典》




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