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1 Sakura Book Binding Cloth
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11 Magic Glitter Book Cloth
12 Natural linen book cloth
14 Pure linen cover cloth
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16 Paguma Thermo Flocking Paper
17 Moire Silk(Wood grain silk) stationery cloth
18 Satin silk book binding cloth
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26 Lantie cover cloth factory
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2012 sample《The most beautiful binding cloth》
2013 new sample《Lantie vivid book cloth》

name:Lily cot book cover fabric
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It is similar with Cialux book cloth.

Size: 1.37m*100m/roll,
Weight: 30kg/roll,
Volume: 25cm*25cm*140cm/roll
Price: 3.0-4.5 USD/meter
1500m-2000m/colors in stock.
The Lily Cot book binding cloth is made of 100% natural fibers and meets the highest industry standard.
1. Environmental Sustainability: Sustainable raw material, use of water-based colorants and 100% recyclable. We have passed the SGS test and the REACH test on non-harmful and restricted substances for it.
2. Finishing: The super smooth surface, the feel and look of “real cotton” deliver high-end value and prestigious image.
3. Color:  15 standard colors in stock,Made-To-Order Color available and MOQ is 1000 meters.
4. Properties: The high folding, tensile and tear resistant properties of Sakura add longevity, durability and smoothness to the natural feel of the “real cotton”.
5. Decorating Options: Foil stamping, offset printing, screen printing, die-cutting and so on.
6.Technology Parameters: 220 gsm,Warp:NM60,Weft:NM60,Density: 80X60,Backing paper: 55gsm, you can choice the backing paper color for red、blue、yellow、black and white.

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